Active School Flag

Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland. The award recognises schools which strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

We are working towards getting our Active school flag.

In order to achieve the flag, we have to:

    1. Adhere to DES Guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all pupils.
    2. Teach a broad and balanced PE curriculum.
    3. Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the Active School process.
    4. Self-evaluate our current provision in terms of P.E, Physical Activity and Community Links.
  • Plan and Implement improvements for each of the aforementioned areas.
  • Organise an ‘Active School Week’ as part of the annual school calendar.

See the Active School Flag Webpage for more information regarding the Active School Flag process. Keep an eye on this page also for upcoming events so you can be part of all the active fun!

Our Active School Week took place on the 14th-18th May 2018. We planned lots of activities for the children for the week. We also participated in an Outdoor Learning Day during this week. See the Outdoor Classroom Day webpage for more information regarding this day. See if you can find our school on the map!

We rotated around various stations on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (Obstacle course, parachute, skipping, climbing frame, Go Noodle and tug of war).

Wednesday was Walk on Wednesday (Our WOW day).

Friday was our Outdoor learning day.

Active Schools Week 2018. Click on the video below to see how active we have been!!!

Walk on Wednesday (WOW Day)

We had our first WOW day on the 16th of May 2018 and it was a huge success. Lots of families made an extra effort to walk,ride or scoot to school and we also went for a school walk. Room 4 were the winning WOW class this week, but stay tuned to see who wins next week 🙂

Here are some pictures of Junior and Senior Infants enjoying our walk today. Unfortunately First class couldn’t join us as they were going to visit their new schools, but…..they had to walk there so it still counts 🙂 Well done to all involved!