The boys and girls in our school were very lucky to take part in a webinar called ‘Zoology with Belfast Zoo’ during the Cavan Monaghan Science Festival during Science Week.  We got to see one of the zoologists and he showed us some of the fascinating creatures that live in Belfast Zoo.  We learned lots of information from the webinar.  Here are some things we learned:

Almost all of the animals in the zoo are endangered species.

An insect has 6 legs.

That a female stick insect has red parts, males don’t!

That male frogs make noise – females don’t!

That the Royal Python snake can’t see or hear very well so they use their tongue to smell!

Most of the animals in the zoo come from the rainforest in places like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

We had the opportunity to learn about tarantulas, Australian Tree frogs, Royal Pythons, Giant African Land Snails and stick insects!

We were very lucky as we had a hot chocolate as we tuned in! 🙂