Morning Supervision


A morning supervision facility is provided by our school to facilitate families who may need to avail of this service. This is a free service that allows parents to drop off their child to school 15 minutes early at 8.45am where they will be supervised and a small snack given before school starts at 9.00am. Children can choose from a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables aswell as buttered scones, rice cakes, bread sticks, raisins, cheese, yoghurts and pancakes which are delivered to the premises every morning. As we operate strictly on a healthy eating policy, only water and milk are allowed as beverages and no foods containing nuts are allowed into the building.

This service is available every morning, Monday to Friday from 8.45am – 9.00am. However, spaces are limited and you will need to apply as early as possible to avail of this service. Morning supervision consent forms are available on request at school and spaces are awarded strictly on a first come first served basis. Or you can click here to download.

Please note that due to safety and insurance purposes, children cannot be admitted into the building before 8.45am and they must be accompanied at all times until the morning supervision teacher is ready to admit your child into the building.