As part of our celebration of Engineers Week Ray McArdle, a civil engineer came to our school and gave a talk to all of the students.  He explained to us that engineering was all about problem solving and gave us examples of engineering in our everyday lives before telling us about his job.  He told us all about the construction of buildings, bridges and houses.  He explained that to build a house you would need bricks to build it, cement to hold the bricks in place, maybe metal beams to give support, wooden beams to form part of the roof, glass to let light in, a door so you can enter and exit the house, lighting and electricity etc.  These are all jobs carried out in engineering.

He brought in some materials that he has on his sites.  He explained the importance and the functions of the materials he brought with him and told us about the safety measures on a site.  You have to wear steel toe boots, hard hat, high-viz vest and safety goggles etc.  Ray also showed us some important machines on sites and how they help make heavy jobs easier!! Ray gave the children the opportunity to ask questions and they really enjoyed the informative presentations given by Ray.  Thanks Ray!

The children now understand that there are various different ways that engineering is part of our lives and in lots of places in the world around us…building Lego constructions, designing and making tasks are engineering tasks that many of the children engage in.  They also know that an engineer had to come up with the ideas and mechanisms for everyday items like bicycles, computers, door handles etc.  Engineering is like solving a problem – lots of steps before the solution is found.