March 1st -5th marked Engineer’s Week.  All classes in our school engaged in various webinars organised by Combilift specially for Engineer’s Week.  There was a different topic each day including:

  • A Day in the life of a Control Systems Engineer – David Hatchett
  • Virtual Tour of the Combilift Factory
  • STEPS Challenge – Wind Energy with Pinwheels
  • Sustainability & Recycling – James Sheerin Environmental Health & Safety Advisor in Combilift
  • 3 Female Engineers discuss their roles and responsibilities within Combilift (to mark International Women’s Day 8/3/21)

The boys and girls learned lots about engineering.  The children in Rang a hÁon compiled a selection of questions to ask the engineers throughout the week.  Everybody enjoyed the factory tour of Combilift and were excited and interested to see the different roles and responsibilities within the factory.  The talk on Thursday about sustainability and recycling linked in with our Greenschools endeavours.  We are currently working towards our Green Flag for water conservation having already received our flags for recycling and electricity conservation.  Some of the children in Senior Infants also engaged in the STEPS Engineers Week ‘Science is Fun’ Show during the week too.  We learned that there are currently 3 astronauts in Space at the minute!