First Class – Room 9

We have been working very hard this year but thankfully had lots of time for fun and games along the way as well!

Please see below what we have been up to with our teacher Mrs. McGovern.

Going to the moon and back….

We started our second term by reading about the planets and Neil Armstrong’s first moonwalk. We had lots of fun imagining that we too were on Apollo 11 during his trip and decided to write a postcard home telling our families about our adventure.

Jim Dine Art

This week we learned about an American artist and sculptor called Jim Dine. We looked at his style of painting and included some of his techniques when completing these heart pictures. Dine likes to use splashes of colour all through his paintings and has many famous heart pictures.

Cén sort aimsir atá ann inniu?

Our teacher is particularly proud of the progress we have made in oral Irish this term. Our theme for the month of January has been ‘Weather’ and we’ve had craic go leor dressing up in different weather attire while asking our peers to guess what kind of day it is.

Budding scientists in Room 9

The icy January weather inspired one of our science lessons this term where we investigated the effect of both salt and heat on solids. We had great fun conducting group experiments in which we tried to melt familiar solids including ice, fruit, jelly, and dairy products.

After all the hard work was over we decided to treat ourselves by melting something particularly tasty J

Christmas in First Class

It’s hard to believe that we are already one month into the second term – time really does fly when you’re having fun!! J

There was great drama, fun and flair in December with our trip to see ‘Mr. White’ in the Íontas Theatre and our very own Christmas show in which we dramatised Helen Steiner’s poem ‘The Story of the Christmas Guest’. We also performed a rendition of our favourite carols and Christmas medleys.

Our teachers and parents were just so proud of us and most importantly, we enjoyed every minute of it!

Busy bees!

Here are some photos of us hard at work and play in Room 9…