Junior Infants – Room 2

J is for Jelly

We have been learning lots of letters and sounds in Junior Infants. One of our favourite things about learning a new letter is getting to taste the sound. In April, we learned the letter j and made some jelly to enjoy.

Making Lemonade

When we learned the letter l, we decided to make some lovely lemonade. Teacher cut up lots of lemons and all the children helped to juice them with our ‘lemon drill’. Then we added lots of sugar and hot water. It wasn’t easy waiting for the lemonade to cool as we were so excited to try our delicious lemonade, but it was worth the wait!

Growing Beans

Junior Infants read the stories ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Growing Beans’. We decided to try and grow a beanstalk of our own in school. We all filled our cups with soil and made a little hole to plant our seed in. We then tucked our seeds down into the soil, watered them and found them a sunny place to live. Let’s all keep our green fingers crossed that they start to grow soon!

Monkeying Around

The Food Dudes have been visiting us in the Junior School. The children have been trying lots of delicious fruit and vegetables. They have been enjoying sugar snap peas, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, apples, grapes, oranges and bananas. Here are a few photos of our little monkeys enjoying some bananas in the sunshine.

Junior Infants Room 2.

The children in Room 2 have been very busy in school since they began in September 2015. Their teacher, Miss Dalton is so proud of everything they have learned in their first term at school.

Getting to Know You.

The children in Room 2 have made lots of friends in school and love to play and have fun together in the classroom.

Budding Inventors

The boys and girls in our class love to create and invent new things. Miss Dalton thinks the next Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs could be in Room 2.

Sunny Memories

We had some beautiful sunny days in September, and the boys and girls in Junior Infants walked to the park to play and enjoy the sunshine together.

Junior Infant Scientists

The children in room 2 love to experiment. This term we learned about things that float and sink. We gathered some classroom items and tested their buoyancy. We also enjoyed splashing the water, that wasn’t technically part of the experiment, but it was a lot of fun.

Fun in the Snow

This January, this snow fell and the children skated and slid their way into school. We decided to wrap up in our winter clothes, and go outside to enjoy the snowy weather! Who say’s school is snow fun?