I was at the volcano station. Julia and I made a rainbow volcano. It was so cool but we could only pick one so we picked Ema and Blakes. We used vinegar and baking soda and there was an eruption. We put more baking soda and vinegar and another volcano and exploded boom, boom, boom! Wow it was so cool!!!

By Aureja

On Friday we had four stations for Lego. I was on the station where we made a boat and made it float on the water. We had to block the water from getting in to the boat.

There was a volcano station, a marble maze station and a LegoWeDo station aswell.

In my group there were five people. I love Lego!

By Dearbhla

I was helping Oisín to build a windmill and we did a spinning thing (a satellite) too.  The windmill was cool but the spinning thing was awesome!!

By David

We did Lego STEM on Friday.  I was at my mammy’s station. Harry and I were making mazes. We had to see if the marble could go through the maze that we had created. I had three bombs and had a gun – I put two marbles in, one got stuck in the jail and the other one got through the maze! When we went back to class I went home a few minutes early and collected my sister, it was her birthday on Saturday and it was really, really fun.

By Eoin