Our HSCL Ms McArdle has organised a few weeks of Lego STEM for 1st class.  Lots of parents have come in to work with us on the fun activities!!! We have a Lego WeDo station where we create a Lego structure and program it to move/rotate/change colour etc using our Ipads and the Bluetooth receiver.  At another station we had to create our own Lego maze using a baseboard, Lego and a marble.  At our 3rd station we had to build a boat using Lego that would float.  Some of us had to rethink our initial design to avoid leaks and to keep it level and balanced in the water.  Another station involved making our name out of Lego.  At the final station we had to build a volcano.  In order to make an effective structure we had to start with a wide base, narrowing as it got taller.  When we had made the structure we used vinegar and baking soda to make the volcano erupt.  It was so exciting!!  We are looking forward to more fun over the next few weeks!!  It was great having the parents engage with the Lego STEM sessions as they helped us come up with ideas and also got us to explain our ideas!!! We love sharing our learning with our parents!!