First Class and Senior Infants engaged in STEM Activities with their parents thanks to workshops organised by our HSCL Ms McArdle.  They were a huge success and the children really loved working with their parents on these activities.  They worked together problem-solving, designing and making and adapting plans.  The children were able to ask their parents for help or ideas and the parents posed some critical thinking questions which made the children think more about the processes they were engaging in.

First class participated in four Lego STEM workshops that were thoroughly enjoyable.  The children worked with Lego WeDo and a range of other Lego STEM activities.  Check them out here.

Senior Infants began their STEM Cafe sessions but they were cut short due to the national closures as a result of Covid-19.  The first STEM Cafe session was based on the story ‘The three Little Pigs’.  They discussed the different materials the pigs used and what the best one was to build a house.  At the STEM Cafe the boys and girls with their parents got to use lots of different materials to build a house.  They could use lollipop sticks, matchsticks, Playdough, pipe cleaners, Lego and straw to build their house.  At the end they tested the strength of the house using a hairdryer.  The children had so much fun making their constructions.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to share our STEM learning experiences with the parents of the Convent Junior School during these workshops.