Physical Activity is the promotion and engagement of exercise and movement in addition to the 60 minute per week timetabled curriculum subject of Physical Education. Convent Junior School actively promotes the message that children require 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

In Convent Junior School we have been extremely busy as we have engaged in a wide variety of different programmes, ideas and initiatives which have inspired the children to become more active.

Convent Junior School promotes the full range of fundamental movement skills during break times and pupils are encouraged to run, play and to do ‘talking as you’re walking’. We have two daily playground breaks and our school yard is zoned and marked to allow children to engage in a variety of different activities.

All pupils engage in an extended classroom based physical activity break on wet days and short physical activity breaks during the day  (Ten at ten, Go Noodle, Bizzy Breaks etc.).

Our school incorporates physical activity into school calendar events as we hold different seasonal activities and events which can be viewed in detail below.

On Wednesdays we have ‘Walk on Wednesday’ (WOW) to encourage children to be active on their way to school.

Finally all classes are participating in a non-competitive running initiative called ‘The Daily Mile’ this year.

Active Breaks in the Classroom/ Rainy Day Breaks

In Convent Junior School we try our best to get our 60 minutes of exercise a day. Sometimes when the weather is not good we have to stay indoors. We also take breaks between classes to help our brains to work to their optimum. We do activities like Ten at ten, Go Noodle, operation transformation and workout exercises. Go Noodle helps us with our coordination, body awareness and gross motor skills. One of our favourite guided dances is ‘pop see ko’.  

The Daily Mile

The Convent Junior School has become involved with a new initiative called ‘The Daily Mile’ this year to encourage all children in the school to become more active. We have set up an active school walkway that marks the route we follow for this. The Daily Mile is a simple way to get children fit for life and fit for learning by encouraging them to run or jog for 15 minutes every day. It allows children to become more aware of and responsible for their own health and fitness.

Active Homework

During Active School week in May the children completed active homework every night. Super Troopers booklets were distributed for parents to complete at home last year also.  The children received their new Super Trooper booklets for 2019 at the beginning of January and were all excited to see the fun exercises they can do at home with their families.

Operation Transformation

The whole school loves doing the Operation Transformation 10 @ 10.

Active Schools Walkway

We have launched our new Active School Walkway. It is the perimeter of our playground. It’s a perfect place to do ‘Talking as You’re Walking’ at break times and we also use it to mark our route of our daily mile.

Our Active School Slogan:

The Convent Junior School ASF Slogan is “Don’t Sit, Get Fit!”

Playground Leaders

We have fantastic playground leaders. Two pupils from each classroom were selected at random to be a playground leader. These children have a very important role in ensuring everyone in their class is following the exercises in our active lines at the end of break and lunch. They also have to demonstrate the exercises for their class and help anyone who is unsure. These children are also in charge of ensuring PE equipment is tidied away correctly and they rotate by timetable to tidy the PE equipment room. They are also great for encouraging and motivating everyone to get involved and to have fun.

Seasonal Activities

At Halloween the whole school went on a Spooky Walk as a fun way of being active! We tried not to scare the locals too much!!

At Christmas we went on a Winter Walk. We wore Christmas jumpers and Santa hats to raise money for Focus Ireland!

Seachtain na Gaeilge

I rith seachtain na Gaeilge bhain gach rang páirt i damhsa. This was a brilliant way to make a link between seachtain na Gaeilge and physical activity. Everyone really enjoyed taking part and it was a fun way to exercise.

Junior and Senior Infants performed An Damhsa Mór for the rest of the school! Bhí siad ar fheabhas!!

1st Class performed the Hakka as Gaeilge! They even performed it a second time to try to teach the rest of the school the actions and words! Well done to everyone!!

Siúlóid ar Lá Glas i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge

On the Friday of seachtain na Gaeilge the whole school wore green to celebrate Saint Patrick and we went on a walk around Castleblayney town! It was lots of fun to show off our brilliant green outfits and to get some extra exercise that day.

We also had a ceolchoirm where we performed our Irish songs and dances for our parents.

1st class children also received certificates for the winners of ‘An Cic Fhada’ competition that they participated in earlier in the week as part of their seachtain na Gaeilge activities!