As part of Greenschools and Science Week the Convent Junior School engaged in a Climate Action week where we did something every day to help reduce our carbon footprint or learn more about what we can do to care for our environment for our generation and the generations to follow.

We had Meat-Free Monday, Throwback Tuesday (where we had no electricity or heat for an hour), Walk on Wednesday, Tree-rific Thursday and Fantastic Film Friday.  In Room 9 we learned about the Holly Tree on Thursday.  We were very lucky as we have a fully grown Holly Tree on the perimeter of the school grounds and we were able to compare it to the Holly Tree sapling that we received from the Tree Shepherd Project (along with seven other saplings native to Ireland).  We watched the film Happy Feet on Friday and this highlighted environmental issues such as the importance of keeping our seas pollution free in order for sea life to survive.  This was a great week as we looked at lots of different things that we as individuals and as a school community can do in order to care for the environment.