Rooms 4, 5 and 6 had lots of fun with some wonderful experiments during Science Week.  We learned about the primary colours – red, yellow and blue and that when we mix these colours we can make secondary colours – orange, green and purple.  We also covered some Skittles with water and watched the colour flow away from the sweets like a rainbow.

We also did two experiments with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  For the first experiment we added some bicarbonate of soda to some vinegar to see what the reaction was.  There was some fizzing and bubbling and the solution released a gas called carbon dioxide.  It was like lava when the solution bubbled over the side of the container – the food colouring made this easier to see.

For the second experiment we filled a plastic glove with some bicarbonate of soda and we put some vinegar in a cup.  We carefully placed the glove over the rim of a cup and the bicarbonate of soda dropped into the cup.  When this mixed with the vinegar it released some carbon dioxide and this caused the glove to inflate – it was so much fun!!!

We also made cloud dough using hair conditioner and cornflour.  When we combined these two ingredients, stirred and mixed them for a while they turned into cloud dough.  It felt like something between playdough and slime and smelled delicious!!!

We also looked at how soap repels germs.  We used black pepper in water to pretend that it was germs.  We dipped our finger into the pepper and water solution and the black pepper didn’t move.  We then put a little soap on our finger and this caused the germs to move away from our finger – this showed us that soap repels and gets rid of germs.