Dear Room 3 Parents,


I hope that you all enjoyed Play Week!

I loved seeing the photos and videos of what the children were up to at home!


Here are the suggested activities for your children for this coming week:Week 10 Suggested Activities.

And here are some suggested worksheets to go along with the activities:Week 10 Worksheets (Please don’t feel the need to print all of these out- you can draw them out, that’s just as good!) 🙂

Below are some videos that I recorded. There are 2D shape maths videos, a story and a ‘Under the Sea’ video for the children – our topic this week.

All of the above will also be available on your email.


Complete anything that you can/want to complete but please don’t feel under any pressure. It is just as important for your children to play outside, go for walks, and do fun things in this fabulous weather as it is to complete their school work at this time, so please don’t feel under pressure! 🙂


Contact me on this email if you have any questions or queries whatsoever:

Stay Safe and look after each other! 🙂



Ms. Morrow