Room 9 were very lucky as we had the opportunity to visit The Armagh Planetarium along with Room 7 after spending time learning about Space, The Solar System and Neil Armstrong.

We watched some informative clips about space and even took a virtual rollercoaster through the solar system.  In the observatory we saw the constellations projected onto the ceiling – this was cool!!  We are looking forward to gazing at the stars later to see if we can find some of the constellations ourselves.  After that we became designers and made our own rockets.  Once we had constructed our rockets we brought them outside where they were half filled with water before being put on the launcher.  Once there, they were filled with compressed air and we had loads of fun watching them launch high into the air.

Afterwards we had our lunch and took a walk through the Astropark which is a scale model of the solar system.  In the Astropark every three paces corresponds to 100 million kilometers in space.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and learned lots of new things.