Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find two documents for the last 2 weeks of school (Monday 15th June- Thursday 25th June) :

End of Year Activities

Week beginning 15th June 

In the end of year activities, there is an introductory video from Ms. Trehy  at the top of the grid for you to watch.

There is also one fun activity per day for the children, all you have to do is click the relevant link on the day and watch the video to find out what fun activity you will be completing.

All of the teachers in the Junior School recorded one video for the grid, so you will be seeing different teachers on the videos throughout the two weeks.

You all have worked so hard (children & parents) since the 12th of March, so we decided to finish the school year with some fun, practical activities to give you a break from the books and worksheets! 🙂

We have also attached a work plan to allow your child to finish their What a wonderful world workbook, their Grow in Love workbook and their writing book.

Make sure to share photos and videos on seesaw, you know how much we enjoy looking at them!

If you have any Jolly Phonics readers at home (they would have been sent home in your plastic folder) please return them to school on Friday 19th June between 11.30am and 1.30pm.

Don’t forget to send us the names of the children that your child would like to be grouped with next year.

We will be in touch regarding an end of year zoom class call.

Enjoy the last 2 weeks everyone, have lots of fun!

You’re all Superstars!!!

Take care,

Mrs. Flack and Mrs. Mc Adam