Hello to everyone at home!

Writing is such a valuable activity as children can write about their own interests and experiences while practising a range of literacy skills.

At school we give the children the opportunity to write independently through free writing and they can write about whatever they like which helps with motivation. We also engage in guided writing and support the children to try new words and to practice unknown words.

Ideally they would use a blank copy with one ‘practice page’ and one ‘writing page’ as shown in the image. However, any copy or blank pages will do.  I used markers as I didn’t have any pencils at home, use whatever you have available to you.

Some examples of support you could provide:

  1. Ask your child to say the word out loud slowly. You could model saying the word too. What sounds do they hear? Can they write the sound? They can try to write the sounds they hear on the practice page.
  2. If it is a tricky word, model how you write it on the practice page and allow them to copy the word. You could race them to see who can write the word faster. Once they have practised the word several times, cover it and encourage them to write the word themselves, allow them to check it themselves after.

Encourage your child to reread their story and as the days progress they will have built a whole booklet of stories based around their own world. They could also become illustrators and add pictures to their daily stories.

Please share your writing with us on seesaw, we would love to see it!

Writing Book Sample